you are unacceptable


The problem is:
Sandbox-sandbox2-BPV'test will be reset in few yearsand all hours and gold that member spend...they will be lost


Community Manager
Grepolis Team
As I told you via ticket, a possibility exists, but it doesn't mean that they will be reset for sure.

Please, don't make me write always the same thing, if you don't like beta rules just play Grepolis on your live market (Are you from greece? Go to ) and you can experience the best from this game :)

I hope everything looks more clear now.


I can't win a server alone ,how smart can you be :)))

And tell me where are you in the attack/defend/fighter list ? :D


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Low on the lists, high in the appreciation of my alliance, and with respect to the opponents. If you are smart and understand what all this means, you will stop counting the battle points