Trial of the Slingers

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    Prove yourself as an exceptional teacher and turn your students into masters of the slingshot!

    Starting April 6th at 10am, each day you have the chance to put your student's skills with the slingshot to the test by smashing pieces of pottery and obtaining shards and Easter eggs for your collection along the way. These shards can be exchanged in the event shop for valuable rewards!

    You can become the Master Slinger by earning precious Honor Points, which push you up the daily ranking. The leader of the rankings will get different rewards each day as well as a very special distinction: they will be named Master Slinger!

    But let's not forget about community goals! Only by working together will you be able to reach the common goals and get awesome effects for the cities of all members. Ally with other players to collect Honor Points collectively and receive these special gifts.

    As always, we're looking for your feedbacks. Share it with us on the feedback thread!

    What are you waiting for? Help your student achieve honor and glory!

    Have fun and enjoy the event!

    Your Grepolis team
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