Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Loss of culture point


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Ingame Nick: DannyAndr
Affected world(s): zz25
Browser: Opera

I lost my culture point. there was only 1 point left to level up and inexplicably one of my points disappeared, delaying the progress of my game.


I had 2/3 points for level 3. Now it's 1/3 for me for level 3.


Here my total score to show that I have enough score to have that culture score.


And here to show that I DIND'T spend my score on the villages on my island.

Please fix this bug.
Yours sincerely, DannyAndr from zz25
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Each time you reset a research in the academy that action will cost you one of your culture points. Did you reset a research?


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Grepolis Team
I can confirm, it was indeed the research reset :)

Thank you guys!