1. bogdy 95

    Fixed Batllepoints reset to 0 (visual)

    Ingame Nick: bogdy 95 Affected world(s): zz26 Browser: Opera and Brave Reproduction steps: .Login .enter world .Read the battlepoint on the right side of the screen under Hero coins Detailed error description (What you see): The counte rof the battlepoints under the hero coins on the right...
  2. Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Loss of culture point

    Ingame Nick: DannyAndr Affected world(s): zz25 Browser: Opera I lost my culture point. there was only 1 point left to level up and inexplicably one of my points disappeared, delaying the progress of my game. I had 2/3 points for level 3. Now it's 1/3 for me for level 3. Here my total score...
  3. AbstractGR

    Duplicate Alliance events not working

    Ingame Nick:AbstractGR Affected world(s):ZZ22/ZZ19 Browser:Brave Reproduction steps: .Open alliance .Events . Detailed error description (What you see):You can't see alliance events, conquests and pact events and conquests How it should be: Showing Screenshot: