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    As first, thanks for reading this guidelines and thanks again for your cooperation here in beta.

    In case you find some strange behavior from the game and you think you're facing a bug, please let us know here by following this form!

    Remember, before opening a new thred please check if someone else has already reported the same issue!

    Please try to describe the issue as good as possible, so we can try to reproduce the bug and forward it to the developers.

    [B]Ingame Nick:
    Affected world:[/B]
    (Bug found on desktop version)
    (Bug found on mobile version)
    App Version:[/B]
    [B]Steps to reproduce:[/B]
    [B]Detailed error description (What you see): [/B]
    [B]How it should be:[/B]

    We will try to reproduce what you reported and give you feedback about the current status.

    Note: Please, write on this forum for bugs occurred/reproducible on beta. Otherwise report it on the correct local forum.
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