Gold for Bug Reports!


Community Manager
Grepolis Team
Dear Grepolis Beta Community,

As the most experienced beta players know, some times ago we had a program to give some free gold for each valid bug report. This practice has been lost during the staff changes, and it's my pleasure to bring it back, with an additional reward :)

How does this work?
For every new bug report that is valid, we will give you Gold for your beta account. We have a few guidelines on this that we will follow.
  • If a bug is marked valid (= can be confirmed, has been forwarded and is not a duplicate of an already existing thread): you will be rewarded with 50 Gold.
  • If the bug report follows the bug report template: you will be rewarded with 25 extra Gold.
    • Mandatory points in the template that have to be filled in to be eligible for this second reward are:
      1. Ingame nick
      2. Game world
      3. Browser
      4. Operating system (mobile only)
      5. App version (mobile only)
      6. Reproduction steps (at the very least it has to be attempted to fill these)
      7. Any additional information that was specifically requested by the team
  • All rewards are given by the Beta Team, and the Beta Team is the one and only judge when it comes to the question if Gold should be rewarded or not.
  • (More) rewards (than received) cannot be demanded.
  • Please be aware that this system may change in the future, and the fact that we're able to offer you this now does not mean we will be able to offer this permanently, and although we will do our best to keep this offer available as long as possible, we do reserve the right to change and/or cancel this offer at any time.
  • If this rewaring system will increase the bug reports, we will be able to raise even more the Gold amount for you!

We are looking forward to all your bug reports! If you have any questions and/or comments on this, please leave a note in the feedback thread.

Kind regards,
Your Grepolis Team