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It was likely opened by mistake during the deployment, it is closed again now.

It's indeed an internal server for quick testing, if will be opened to everyone will be clearly reset and announced in advance :)
And again:


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Hi, I have a few questions, related to the new endgame olympus.
Do you know how many troops defend the olympus? Is it the same with large temples?
Do any movement relating olympus appear to each player? Arrival times as well? Which cities are attacking olympus? etc etc
Does olympus/temples count as a ghost city? When you cs a player any attacks of yours that land after your cs, will not affect the siege. If you cs a ghost city any attacks after the arrival of your cs will land normally and do damage. What happens when you cs a temple/olympus. Any attacks from you, that land after your cs, will they arrive at peace time or they will attack normally as if olympus is a ghost city
If you do not know how to answer some or any of the questions listed above, can you ask someone who does and inform me in later date?

Sorry for any mistakes, i am out of practice XD


Because Olympus does not have a specific god, how can the mythical supports work exactly?(For example,on Mount Olympus there will be Pegasus, Cerberus and Minotaur together?)
Large temples:





@Arci: As you might have noticed there is still some confusion regarding the Golden Fleece artifact and its effect, due to this sentence in the zz16 announcement:


Since the artifact does not lower the costs of hero recruitment but their training costs, it might be helpful to revise this text.