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So is Aphrodite only on Sandbox 19 right now?
Just wondering since it seemed like she might be on another previous server.


So, I just cast chariatable festival and it says that it reduces the next victory procession cost by 2%for every hour that it's active capped at 20%, but it does not give a length of time that the spell lasts, which makes me confused on how I am supposed to use it. I ran a victory procession shortly after I cast the spell and it cost 282 instead of 300.


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It is really nice that after a long time we finally get to see a new god/goddess in the game.

The only problem is that the "marketing" persons did a HUGE HUGE mistake.....
It is a shame to have a special unit in the game named after a pervert!!!!
Because that is what Satyr / Satyros actually means..... a sexual pervert!!!!!

And you do not need to be a historian to know that....
Even with a small google search the first thing that comes out searching for Satyr in Wikipedia


And It was allowed I would also post a picture of how statues or painting of Satyr we actually drawn..... but will preferer not too as it will surely be censored and also minors might be around....

Is this the message that Inno want to pass on???
A sexist, pervert which tends to like rapes??????

I assume it is not too late to have this name removed, as according to Inno rules sexism and illegal acts are not only prohibited but also better not to be hailed!!!



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Thank you for the feedback, it's always interesting to know more about the references we usually make in our daily life and we see in our games.

I'm sure you also know that this isn't really the only example of "over the line" behaviour in Ancient Greece. We could start far away from the sexual topic... they did war, killing people, that is not really good. Our game is about attacking cities, destroying buildings and killing units, which doesn't mean we promote war :)

Zeus himself is brother AND husband of Hera, while he also liked to kidnap and rape mortals from time to time. However, it's not a reason to keep him away from games because he wasn't exactly an example to follow.

If we want to focus on every single aspect that comes from mythology, probably most of the topics are controversial off-limits.
Our version of the Satyr is this cool super-fast warrior that has nothing to do with erections or other explicit topics :)
As you can see the team in Hamburg think that their new units and powers are super-cool. I don´t even play on the test world zz19 because I disagree with them so profoundly.


So, a mermaid costs 16 population.
An offensive polis has 3500 population. making 15 sirens (16x15) occupy 240 of the population, and you can make 320 incendiaries with the remaining population.
Now, with 15 sirens you have 15 possibilities to attack at different times. An average player makes 5 or 6 throws, so it would be a total of 75 chances to get to the exact time.
By doing so, there will be no difference between good and bad players, everyone has a chance to get to the perfect time. is absolutely wrong, it's a game of skill and strategy! There are 13 events, so everyone has mythical units, there's no morale on sieges so whoever has the most pacts wins, now take away the chance for the most skilled to get to the exact second and give it to everyone. I absolutely do not agree with this thipology of Mermaid
Thank you for the feedback, ......... other explicit topics :)

Thanks for your reply.
Zeus (as all the rest of the main11 gods and all minor ones) had a dark side as well... but they are most known for their bright one. Even Aris (god of war and destruction) how was cruel, was not considered to be as negative as Satyr

The thing is that the actual word "satyr" is also used nowadays and is used to describe a negative behavior to describe a sexual disorder same way as the word pedophile .....
That is where my objection comes to....
I do not argue if this was your intention or not , but I think it is not wise to use a character that is synonym to a pervert (even today) . That is my objection as it is used to describe a sexual disorder.

And at the end of the day there are loads other names that can be used.
We all know (persons that we DO know the ancient Greek mythology) that there are many inaccurate references to the ancient Greek history but this does not cancel the use of improper terminology.



Myth Units.
I made a table of the myth units for comparison.

GodMyth UnitFavor CostPop CostOff ValueSpeedDef bluntDef sharpDef range
HeraHarpy8514Blunt 29584 (flyer)105701
HeraMedusa11018Sharp 42518480345290
ZeusMinotaur18030Blunt 65030750330640[
ZeusManticore27045Sharp 101066 (flyer)170225505
PoseidonCyclops24040Range 1035241050101450
PoseidonHydra30050131024 (sea)1400
HadesCeberus18030Blunt 210128253001575
HadesErinyes33055Range 170030460460595
AthenaCentaur7012Range 1345419558580
AthenaPegasus12020Sharp 100105 (flyer)750275275
ArtemisBoar12020Sharp 15048700700100
ArtemisGriffin23035Blunt 90054 (flyer)320330110
AphroditeSatyr9516Sharp 38540855105170
AphroditeSiren1101618066 (sea)170

The table is for Sandbox 19 settings.
According to the data, most consider Aphrodite's myths overpowering, one way to revise that issue, if it's really going to cause tons to loose interest and quit would be to make them cost more. Aphrodite's are cheap and comparable Hera and Athena. Just a thought there.
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Also, I think it was mention about the attack planner and sirens, but there was no mention of the travel time simulator with sirens.
An easy way to fix that (for the travel time simulator) is to add it in as part of the other modifiers or put it next to the hero and have it set up like the hero where you can change the amount of sirens like you can change the level of the hero. Not sure if this counts as feedback or a suggestion, but it does relate to Aphrodite.


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