Fixed Double damage Spartoi

Topolino 98

Affected world(s): zz20 and any other live server
Reproduction steps:
  1. start an attack with at least one unit or Hero with Blunt weapon (Ajax, Argus, Aristotle, Helen, Hector, Ferkyon, Lysippe, Mihalis, Perseus, Rekonos, Telemachos, Odysseus, Zuretha);
  2. cast Ares' army on the attack;
  3. Spartoi added with Ares' Army do double the damage they should do.
Here i tested it with a friend in an italian server.
He only had High Priestess and Commander, and i had Commander.
Double damage Spartoi
You can try a simulation with an Hero with Distance or Sharp weapon, then select an hero with Blunt weapon. You will see a big difference.
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i am pretty sure this bug has infected the live worlds. look at the picture below, this actually happened something is extremely off with the spartois attack.

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Topolino 98

I notice that this bug has been "fixed".

But now there is another Bug, although it is minor, it still impacts the gameplay: by casting Ares' Army, the Spartoi fight separately from other troops, causing less damage. Also, due to this, the Ladons Passive is not applied to Ares' Army.


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Grepolis Team
Thanks for testing it so deeply, we really appreciate it! :)

The current behaviour isn't entirely a bug as this slightly decreases the power (many players wanted it to be a little bit weaker anyways) but we'll keep it under control.

Topolino 98

I understand, but the passive of the Ladons seemed made mainly to go in combo with Ares' Army (and this change does not allow it anymore).

I am also of the opinion that the Spartoi (or Ares' Army) should be weakened, but i think it would have been better by directly decreasing their attack value.