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Hello Beta!

As announced on our Devblog a couple of weeks ago, we're now ready to release our first new world with the World Wonders rebalancing. This new world will be our first chance to see if the rebalance has the intended impact to the gameplay that we're hoping. Below you can see a full list of the mechanical changes which we've implemented. We've added a lot, so the content below is pretty detailed, but is mostly similar to the information released in the Devblog post. In posts 2 and 3 we'll cover the UI changes and reports changes, just to break this thread up a little.

As with all changes, we're really keen to hear your feedback, so please go ahead and share it here in the feedback thread. Please also report bugs you find on the bugs forums, or via support.

Start/End Date

To simplify the endgame start time, we will trigger World Wonders era after a pre-determined amount of time based on the world’s speed. Below you can see a table which details when WWs will begin on various speeds:

Game speedEndgame speed SlowEndgame speed RegularEndgame speed Fast

Another change we’re making is when the endgame counter starts. As soon as the first alliance has finished building 4 of 7 World Wonders, the world’s endgame counter will begin. Once a world’s endgame counter reaches 0, the world will enter a period of 14 days Peacetime. Once this peacetime expires, the world will close. Below you can see another table showing the values of the time given once the world is won.

Game SpeedDuration

In a breaking from the norm set by Domination and Olympus, once an alliance reaches 4 of 7 World Wonders, this is the point at which the World is considered ‘won’, however, the endgame continues for the remainder of the world’s time, and the Artifacts will be given out based on the ranking once the endgame timer ends. This means the period between the world being won and the world’s end should remain competitive, as alliances try to secure a spot in the top 3. More on ranking later!

Fixed World Sizes
On Olympus, the number of islands which are unlocked is fixed and predefined. With this rebalancing, we will apply this same system to both Domination and World Wonders worlds going forward. This change should drive competition on these worlds, as well as preventing players from settling in far away oceans away from the action. We’ll start using this as the default setting for all worlds once the first new WW worlds have been released on live.

Endgame Ranking
We’re adding a ranking system to World Wonders. The ranking is based on the Wonders levels. Each completed Wonder level gives it’s level’s value to the alliance’s ranking. To give an example:

An alliance has 1 World wonder on level 9, 1 on level 5, and 1 on level 1.
  • The level 9 Wonder gives 45 points (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9)
  • The level 5 Wonder gives 15 points (1+2+3+4+5)
  • The level 1 Wonder gives 1 point
This alliance’s total ranking will then be 61 points. The keen eyed players might notice this could mean that the alliance which gets to 4/7 Wonders first doesn’t necessarily have the most points. To counteract this, the alliance on the world which achieves the feat of finishing 4 of 7 Wonders first is awarded 400 points! This means this alliance will win first place regardless of the performance of other alliances. Once the first 4 Wonders are complete, it becomes a race to finish the remaining Wonders, and win 2nd and 3rd places! Endgame ranking is used to determine which alliance wins artifact levels. In the event of a tie, the system falls back to the world’s rankings.

Level 10 World Wonder Cooldown
We have added a new cooldown mechanic for completed world wonders. This cooldown is triggered in the event that an alliance’s world wonder is downgraded from level 10 to level 9. This cooldown is simple, it prevents the alliance from starting the construction of level 10 again until a predefined time has passed. This time is determined by game speed, much like the other settings described earlier, and in this case is determined by multiplying the base value by the game factor. The base value is 7 days.

Game SpeedGame FactorCooldown time (days)

This new mechanic makes it imperative that you and your alliance protect your cities on your level 10 World Wonders, or risk losing the level and having to wait to upgrade. And remember, the whole world will be notified in the event one of your level 10 wonders is downgraded to level 9. Once the cooldown has expired, alliance leaders can once again start the construction of level 10.

We hope you enjoy the new world! Check out this post to see the settings for the world.

See you ingame
Your Grepolis Team


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Grepolis Team
UI Changes
As mentioned earlier, there are a number of changes we’ll be making to the game’s UI relating to World Wonders. These changes are mostly aligning the endgame with Domination and Olympus, adding some nice new features which will improve the overall experience of the endgame for alliances.

Endgame Menu Entry. A small but meaningful change, we’ve added a World Wonders entry point to the menu on the left side of the game.

Ranking Tab. Clicking on this new menu entry will give access to a new tab, the Ranking tab. This tab will remain inactive until the Era of the World Wonders has started, but will be the default tab once it begins. Clicking on an alliance’s wonder in the list will move your map to that point. Hovering over a Wonder’s level also gives you a tooltip with coordinates. Lastly, there is also a column which shows how many wonders are needed for an alliance to win the world.


World Wonder Sites Overview. A new tab has been added to the Alliance screen showing the list of all islands your alliance has. This list also shows how many cities are your own, how many are occupied by your alliance, how spots are occupied, and how many free spots there are, either as anchors or ghost cities.

World Wonder Icons on Strategic Map. Another small change is we’ve added icons to the strategic map which will show players the location of world wonders in this view.


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New Reports & Popup Screens
To help you and your alliance out even more, we’re adding a batch of new reports and popup screens to the game which will be triggered by various actions during the endgame phase. These will help you to keep track of both your alliance’s, as well as other alliances progress towards winning the world. Specifically, you will be notified via a popup when:

  • The Era of the World Wonders begins
  • Alliance completes level 10 of a World Wonder
  • Wonder you own is reduced in level or destroyed.
  • Wonder you don’t own is reduced from level 10 to level 9.
  • The world has been won (4 of 7 Wonders completed to level 10)
  • Alliance completes 7 World Wonders.
  • The world has ended.
Additionally, you’ll also receive a report when:

  • Alliance completes level 10 of a World Wonder
  • Wonder you own is reduced in level or destroyed.
  • Wonder you don’t own is reduced from level 10 to level 9.
  • Own Wonder level is increased.
  • The world has been won (4 of 7 Wonders completed to level 10)
  • Alliance completes 7 World Wonders.