Wheel of Battle 2024


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Tyche's Wheel makes a return with a twist! Welcome to the Wheel of Battle!

In this event your cities are preparing to wage epic battles, engaging in honorable combat in the name of the gods. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed! The gods have assigned Tyche to shower the bravest soldiers with riches. Show your dedication to the gods and Tyche's fortune shall smile upon you! The event will run from February 16th to March 1st.

Spin Tyche's wheel to earn fantastic rewards, furnishing your cities with powers aplenty for your own battles. But what use is an epic battle with no tales to tell? Talented illustrators from all across Greece will paint an action packed retelling of your victories. With each spin of the wheel, your illustrators will be inspired, and complete another section of the grand prize canvas. Once a canvas is done, you'll be rewarded with the Grand Prize! Keep your eye out for the coveted Soteria's Shrine spell, and boost your defenses!

More information about the mechanics of the event and its special rewards can be found on our wiki.

We hope you enjoy this event! Please don't forget to leave your feedback in our dedicated feedback thread!

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