Acknowledged tooltip title blinking very fast I cannot select a choice


when i try to select an icon, for example in an island quest, the Tooltip title of the icon blinking very fast and i cannot immediately select the icon to change city
the same happens in senate when try to select and open a building etc
I first noticed the issue yesterday, too.

I can confirm the issue for zz2, zz12 and zz23, for island quest icons (rewards, but not for the coin icon) and in several other windows, e.g. inventory (but funny enough not in the extended inventory, and not in the event window), unit icons in the attack and support window (but not in the troop overview of the UI), and probably in some other windows.
Happens as soon as you place the mouse cursor on the icon. You can select/click the item nevertheless, but of course that nervous blinking of the tooltips is annoying.

Additionally and only on zz2, when placing the mouse cursor on farming villages and cities, the tooltips for farming villages or city info tooltips show up only once, very shortly, and then disappear. This behaviour is certainly related to the overall issue - it´s simply one single "blink" instead of many, and seems to happen only on zz2.

My browser is the latest FF, no user scripts active.
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Dear Amin's

This is a high-priority matter. We can't play.
We can't easily choose which units or ships we want to build.
We can't send materials.
We can't upgrade a hero.
We can't choose troops to attack or defend.
We cannot build buildings.

And much more...
According to my tests on two computers and with several browsers the issue occurs under the minimum screen resolution supported by Grepolis, i.e. 1366 x 768, no matter which browser or zoom settings you use. (I use browser zoom and Windows zoom settings of 100%)

If your device allows you to choose a higher resolution, for example 1680 x 900, the issue will no longer occur.