remove limitation for condition of found new city

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in past years , before update with new window for "what You need to achive for found new city"
was a possibility to send few colony ships to any island (rock/villages) even if was no slots for this ... was a message with information You send a colony ship but You dont have free slot " and confirmation are You sure or not to send " - this option give a chance to get new slot in time of traveling of colony ship ,
at this moment is blocked send a colony ship if You dont have enough free slots for new cities

but ....
if You have "one free slots" You can send even 10 colony ships for found new city ...

PLEASE remove this "limitation" and back to simple warning message about You dont have enough slots are you sure to send colony ship ...
I think you are confusing colonization and conquest.

Founding cities/colonization: You cannot send a CS in order to to found a new city when you have no free slots, and the "requirements" window has not changed that fact (and has nothing to do with it, btw,). If you have one free slot, you can send one colonisation, and not two or more. That possibility was removed many years ago because of possible exploits, years before the "requirements" window came into the game, and since that time you are consuming your free slot the moment you send your colonization movement - you cannot cancel your colonization, and you cannot send more colonizations than you have slots available.

Conquering cities: Here the situation is completely different. If you have one free slot, you can send as many CS attacks as you like until the first one lands successfully. You can even send CS attacks before you have a free slot available - if you gain a free slot while your CS is on its way, your CS will be able to land.

Summary: You must have free slots available before you send colonizations, while for conquests you need free slots when the CS attack lands.

Although the requirements window has nothing to do with your issue, I also think that annoying and information blocking window should be removed. It´s not only completely useless, it´s even the cause for countless misunderstandings and misinterpretations (see also above).



founding a new city ( new city on "pike" ) not colonize / occupy or wathewer

during send a colony ship on "pike" You get this window of colonization
I marked on "red" whcih limitation is unnecessary ok , can show You reach or not a limit to send colony ship
but should be not depned of this ... I mention before (past past ) this new window was possible to send many colony ship not depend of Your current slots
in time <48h was possible to reach a slots which was needed ..
but now is slots =0 its impossible to send a colony ship , should be only info - You dont have slots , You want to send Yes/No
because You have a possibility to make this slots before colony ship reach a destination

I mention also , when You have 1 slot which is required in this window .. You can send many colony ships >1

founding city1.jpg
This was not changed when this window was introduced - it was the same before.

It is quite simple: If you could send colonizations without having slots (and thus without really founding a city), you could block certain spots on certain islands permanently, because no one else could settle there while you have a colonization on its way. That´s why this has been changed years ago.

I understand that the new end game is encouraging thoughts like yours. Alliances might think it would be a nice strategy to block certain regions near certain temples by sending (void) colonizations permanently - but that will not be possible.
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in 2015/2016 wasnt
this window with requirements wasnt show past years ago
it start showing from one of update when decreased requirements for build a colony ship Harbour 20>10 etc ... I dont rember other limits ;)

before it was only confirmation like now , about You want to colonise a "pike" because is no returnback of colony ship after click yes

main clue is just remove this limitation from this window
if slots = 0 You can still send a colony ship , with warning information about You dotn have a free slots and expect a returnback of colony ship from destination

at the moment if You have 1 slot in this same way You can send 10 colony ships no matter You have slots for all 10 or not.
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Yes, you are right: The window was introduced when the other conditions (harbour, academy) were lowered from level 20 (harbour) and 22 (academy) to 10 and 13 in August 2017. But even before that, you needed a free slot in order to send a colonization. Maybe @Arci can remember, when exactly that prerequisition (free slot needed before sending colonizations) was introduced?


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Uhm... it happened a few years ago, I can't find the exact day it was introduced I'm sorry.


with this update or even before also is "mandatory requirement" for research a colony ship ;) research points = 0
if points are below 0 ( -1 -xx) its impossible to start research ;)
It´s funny - I just talked to a former player, and he told me, that for some time around 2016 there seems to have been a bug that allowed colonizations to be sent even if a free slot was missing. He could not remember whether this happened only via App, or in the browser version as well - but that might explain why you are convinced that this was possible.


why "bug"
bug is now ;) if there is only checked conditions of slots =1 and You can send many colony ships ..
then why i'm concern about this ...