Acknowledged Recalculated time for World Wonders


Calydonian Boar
Ingame Nick:AbstractGR
Affected world(s):ZZ19
Browser:Brave(Google Chrome)
Reproduction steps:General
Detailed error description (What you see):
World wonders wanted less than 60 days to be recalculated, then WW said there will not be another recalculation. Afterwards it reset the timer to 120 days.

How it should be:It should be around 50-60 days


Monday, November 2nd 2020 is the day sandbox 19 started. That means the 1st recalculation is made after 6 month from this date thus is the May 2nd 2021. From this date onwords still according to the game rules we have to count 4 months more for the new recalculation thus is September 2nd. But, the time of 114 days doesn't meet this date but the 1st of November. Is this an official change in rules in worlds with wonders for end game or this is a bug???


Community Manager
Grepolis Team
I don't think dates will be recalculated on zz19 but rather a fix will be deployed to make sure this will not happen again.