Fixed Olympus: Temple shields

Ingame Nick: Draba Aspera
Affected world(s): zz21
Browser: FF
Reproduction steps:
  1. . Read that the temple shields were supposed to be activated a second time on June 28, 2021, at 9:00h
  2. . At 9:00h today, get a notification that the temple shields were lifted (instead of activated)
  3. . The temple info windows now state that the temple shields will be activated at: 09:00:00 03/07/2021 - an endless story, as it seems. That´s the second time that the temple shields don´t work as intended
Detailed error description (What you see):

How it should be:


2021-06-28 10_13_24-Window.png
Temple shields were to be activated today at 9:00h, and this time we got the correct notification:


However, the temples are still unshielded and can be attacked/supported. There is only a new note in the temple window stating " Temple shield will be activated at: 09:00:00 13/07/2021 "

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And again - today at 9:00:00h nothing else happened than the setting of a new date for something that never happens:

2021-07-13 09_24_49-Window.png

Okay, we know by now that the temple shields don´t work. Fine for me, I don´t think they were a good idea in the first place. But could you please remove those annoying and misleading announcements and notifications as well?


Yesterday the temple shield activation worked for the first time. Of course we don´t know how often the temple protection would have been active if everything had worked as intended - but I think a duration of 10 days each time is a bit long.
You stated in your announcement:

The duration of shielding depends on the world settings, as well as the endgame settings. Faster world speeds result in shorter intervals between shielded and unshielded time.

zz21 is game speed 4, and still there are 10 days of protection? How many days do you plan for game speed 1? 40 in a row? ;)

Could you please share the formula defining the intervals and frequency of temple shielding (depending on the respective game speed)? Otherwise we don´t have a proper basis for discussions, since we could not really observe the behaviour ingame, due to the bug.


As I said before, I have been advocating for a later start of the temple phases on Olympus worlds. You should allow for a reasonable development of alliances and accounts before the temple stages begin, instead of interrupting the game flow during the stages again and again by those buggy and confusing "temple shields". That´s why I don´t really wish to discuss the duration of those protections. In my opinion they don´t solve the problems of the early game stages of Olympus worlds, they only add one more.
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