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The time has come! Gather your armies and get ready to conquer Olympus!

The first testing world with the brand new game mode Olympus will be opened on March 9th. If you have been following our DevBlog, you may know that we have been working on this feature for quite a while now and we are very excited to give you the first glimpse into the Olympus worlds... As we are still working on improving Olympus worlds, your feedback is even more important than usual! So please, if you have any suggestions on what we could improve, don't be shy and let us know. Additionally, as it is a fairly complex new system, and explaining all of it in a short post is a challenge, please let us know what else would you like to know, be it specific numbers or game mechanics.

Disclaimer: This world will be only accessible on mobile once we release app version 2.209.

  • Game speed: 4
  • Unit speed: 4
  • Night bonus start: 00:00
  • Night bonus duration: 6h
  • Beginners protection: 5 days
  • Alliance limit: 40 members
  • Conquer system: Conquest
  • Conquest time: 8h
  • Colonization time: 8h
  • Morale: Active
  • Starting towns: 1

Basic Olympus worlds description

On the Olympus worlds, your main objective is to capture and hold Olympus for 27 days after it has spawned. If you manage to win the world, your alliance will be rewarded with Golden fleece artifact, which lowers the costs of hero training by 10%.

In this game mode, the world's size is constrained but all islands are open for colonization which allows you to expand and strategize.

To capture Olympus is a major challenge, but you and your Alliance can use the help of small and large temples in your quest to conquer Olympus.

These temples grant Divine Powers to whoever holds them. You and your Alliance can plan and decide on which temples and powers to target in order to reach your goal.

Additionally, the Olympus endgame is divided into 4 different stages, Pre-Temple Stage, Small Temples, Large Temples and Olympus. We will further dive into each stage in a separate post, but let's talk about the Temples and Pre-Temple Stage first.


  • Temples start as neutral cities.
  • All temples are occupied with neutral defensive units.
  • Alliances can conquer these temples as if they were normal cities.
  • Players who are not in an Alliance cannot conquer a temple.
  • Temples have divine powers that are granted to its holder (all players of Alliance).
  • Alliances can only hold a limited number of temples.
  • To each temple a god is assigned and you can support the temple with mythical units of that god.
  • After a temple is captured, a shield is cast upon the temple for 24 hours, protecting it from any attack during that time.
  • Temples cannot be spied on.
  • Temples have no resources that can be looted.
  • You cannot cast spells on temples.
  • All units stationed in temples are visible to all other players at all times.
  • Once captured, temples cannot be abandoned.
Pre-Temple stage (Stage 1)

This is the beginning of your journey for the hunt for Olympus.
  • Small temples are already scattered around the map.
  • You can view the small temples but cannot attack, support or conquer them in this stage.
  • You can expand to any island in the world (no further islands will unlock).
The Pre-Temple stage on Sandbox 16 will last for 24 days.

Small temple buffs

You can find a list of currently implemented small temple buffs in the spoiler below. We are currently planning to add more buffs in the future.

  • +3% attack bonus for Manticores
  • +5% Sharp attack
  • -3% Recruitment time for naval units
  • +5% All resource production
  • +2% Attack on all units
  • +8% Defense bonus for Swordsmen
  • +6% Attack bonus for Medusa
  • -3% Recruitment time for ground units
  • +5% All resource production
  • +10% Attack bonus for Horseman
  • +5% Blunt attack
  • -3% Recruitment time for ground units
  • +5% All resource production
  • +10% Attack bonus for Light ships
  • +6% Attack bonus for Erinys
  • +3% Attack bonus for all mythical units
  • +5% All resource production
  • -3% Recruitment time for naval units
  • +2% Attack all units
  • +10% Attack bonus for Slingers
  • +3% Attack bonus for Griffins
  • +5% Ranged attack
  • +5% All resource production
  • -3% Recruitment time for ground units
  • +10% Attack bonus for Triemes
  • +5% Attack bonus for naval units
  • +5% All resource production
  • +2% Attack all
  • -5% Recruitment costs for naval units

Work in progress

We are currently still working on the Olympus, so there is a few more changes that are coming. We will be expanding this list in the future based on your feedback.
  • Formatting changes in the Rules text in the main Olympus window.
  • Adding some missing values in the Rules text.
  • Sorting temples on the Small Temples tab in Olympus window.
  • More information in Large Temples tab in Olympus window.
  • Greposcore achievements for conquering temples.
  • Alliance names will be linked on the temple list.
  • Showing the alliance flag in the temple info screen.
  • The attack planner for temples.
  • Olympus design in Hall of Fame for Olympus worlds.
  • Temple command menu bubble.
  • Wiki page will be created later in the future, as we expect changes following feedback from players.
We hope you are as excited for Olympus worlds as we are! Olympus brings a huge change in strategies our players experienced so far and we are looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it. -> Feedback thread


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Upcoming stages

Small-Temple stage (Stage 2)
In the Small-Temple stage, all small temples will unlock and you and your Alliance will now be able to attack and conquer small temples.
  • This world contains 50 small temples distributed across the available oceans.
  • Every Alliance can only hold 5 small temples, so make sure to choose wisely where you want to concentrate your efforts.
  • Temples and powers are distributed randomly across the world.
  • When your Alliance conquers a temple, all members receive its power in all their cities.
  • Some of these temples are Portal Temples, and act as gateways from the small temple to Olympus.
The Small-Temple stage lasts for 69 days.

Large-Temple stage (Stage 3)
At the start of the Large-Temple stage, the six large temples will spawn, one for each god.
  • These temples will always spawn in the midway point between the center of the world and the last available island on the edge, and they are distributed in an equidistant manner. The exact location may vary based on other factors.
  • Each Alliance can only hold 2 of them, so choose wisely.
  • The Large-Temple stage will end when all large temples are captured.
  • If not all large temples are taken before 19 days, the stage will end.
Olympus (Stage 4)
To win the world, you and your Alliance need to conquer and hold Olympus for 27 days.
  • Olympus will spawn 72 hours after all large temples were conquered or at a specific point in time.
  • Olympus can randomly spawn anywhere within the borders of the map.
  • Once spawned, Olympus will remain in that location for 11 days. After this period, Olympus will teleport to a random spot on the map.
  • When Olympus changes location, all units in Olympus will teleport back to their home cities.
  • After each teleport the neutral units will respawn.
  • After Olympus has been conquered by an Alliance, it cannot be attacked by another Alliance for 24 hours.
  • The win condition cannot be achieved in one single conquest, the time your Alliance is able to hold Olympus is cumulative. To win the world, your Alliance needs to conquer Olympus multiple times.

Additional information

Portal Temples (Small Temple)
Since Olympus changes place periodically, Portal Temples can prove invaluable during the Olympus stage

Portal Temples are a special type of small temple:
  • There are only 5 of them available in the world.
  • They do not give any direct powers until the Olympus stage.
  • They act as gateways from the small temple to Olympus.
  • When you control one of these temples, any member of your Alliance is able to send attacks or supports to Olympus through a special portal.
  • The total travel time to Olympus is calculated by the travel time from your city to the Portal Temple plus certain amount of hours of the Portal Teleportation Time.
Note: It's important to note that the Portals work only one way, in the direction of Olympus. Troops sent to Olympus through a portal will NOT return through a portal, they will take the long way home and travel the entire distance from Olympus to their home cities.


Curse of Olympus

  • Olympus periodically kills 5% of defending units within its walls. This does not include neutral units.
  • The curse effect is cast at random.
Olympus Rules
  • If there are any movements towards Olympus when Olympus becomes shielded, the troops will instantly teleport back.
  • Regular movements on the way to Olympus when it changes place will be sent back the regular way.
  • Teleportation movements on the way to Olympus when it changes place will be instantly teleported back.
Additional Rules
  • Registration ends when a certain number of players has been reached.
  • Temple commands do not appear in the Command Overview.
  • Temples are not affected by Vacation Mode.
  • Temples are not affected by Morale and Luck.
  • Night bonus does affect temples.
  • Temple Looting and Stone Hail research have no effect on temples.
  • Olympus worlds are currently only old conquest worlds.


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The world is now open for registration! Good luck everyone :)


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The app version 2.209 is now available on the Google Play and App Store.

You can download it and access to Sandbox 16 with your mobile now! :)


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The Small Temple buffs have received some balancing, you can already find in the Small Temples tab the updated values.

Feel free to share your feedback in the Olympus feedback thread!