Duplicate Last update made things bad on laptop mouse.


ZZ23: Also on the EN server

Release Notes V1.38.117 for Windows (May 13, 2022)​

Using the mouse in the game the curser flashes over thing and can not click or is clicks many times. this is also happening on my other laptop using Chrome:
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Once the last update happened the game play is so bad I cant even have fun. i can not click things or the mouse is in the wrong direction. Windows 11 is update to date with all patches and hotfixes. Even the optional updates are completed. No viruses or adware is found the machine is 95% Grepolis only. This is also happening on MS Edge, Google Chrome, Opera GX gaming browser and Brave. :
I should be able to click on the spot and it works. Another example is the Screenshot I can not even scroll to the next hero to choose. Its almost like an flash issue. :



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