Acknowledged Javascript errors when opening the profile of some players


Ingame Nick: Potusek
Affected world(s): All
Browser: All
Reproduction steps:
  1. find player without artifact (eg. ZZ22 player Potusek)
  2. open profile
JS console: wndhandler_player_profile.js:203 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'left')

The error occurs regardless of whether additional scripts are installed or not.
I have noticed that sometimes this error affects the game i.e. it stops responding to mouse clicks and requires a page refresh.


Community Manager
Grepolis Team
Thanks for the report!

Have you also seen a direct impact on the game? I'll forward to our dev team the error in the console in the meantime :)


E.g. notifications do not arrive, or with a long delay, possibly after refreshing the page :/