Feedback: Divine Trials 2022

Dates in announcements seem to be a divine trial, too...^^

Starting Monday, September 14th at 10 am server time on zz25, the Divine Trials will be waiting for you for the first time, and you will have to prove yourself in a challenge by the Gods.

Will it be Monday, or will it be September 14?
After reading the opening words, the first thought was: bullshit!

This type of event can be useful in games, also by InnoGames, like Forge of Empires, but in games like Grepolis, having to do certain in-game actions to get rewards in an event is absurd.

What if I were to build biremes, but I have all the cities full? I am forced to build on others and I could not destroy them since they cannot be sacrificed.
The only solution would be to get help from an ally: autoschanti! (Destroying ships with the help of a friend, each of us has a word to call this thing in his own language)

The very idea gave me hives.

I hope I can change my mind by playing it
Exactly my first thoughts - but I will wait until I see it in-game. Also, I was glad to see the new world start without an event in its first weeks - but whenever I am glad about something concerning the game, it does not last long.

I wished Inno would share their plans and discuss them with players before they are implemented in the game.


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We had some last-minute date changes, and now should be correct.

Wednesday 14 at 10:00 to Wednesday 21 at 9:59


Thinking about the rewards and the timeline of the game, I wonder if this event was to help the fact that there wasn't/isn't much time between now and when the small temples open.


I have no words to describe how frustrated I am with this event, and it's unfeasible for small accounts in the beginning of the world, maybe something will work on accounts with 30 cities or more


I would also like to point out that you can only do one task at a time.
So you have to decide carefully before selecting the task.
I do wonder if island quest rewards count toward recruitment for the specific units.


I popped into the world to play this event.

The quest rewards (i.e. build hoplites) DO count towards your event task

I have made the mistake of not clicking "Start" before fulfilling the requirements. Doh. Now I'm scrambling to build three MORE cave levels.

Overall, I like this event. It doesn't require lots of gold to get the big ticket items which are available immediately. Surprised to see complaints about.
After just one day, the judgment I can give is more positive than expected, even if the rewards seem a bit unbalanced.

I think a +300 population increase can't be worth that little compared to two-hour mythic rewards that are currently worth 4-6 times. The second criticality is in the little explanatory tutorial, but it is a test after all, some steps would need to be perfected. We come to the notes on the gameplay. A mission cannot be considered successful only if I collect its reward because waiting for the right moment to recover it is part of the gameplay and the management of the account. This problem represented my initial fear where users were forced to perform unwanted actions in the name of an event reward.

I believe that troop-producing actions should be replaced with battle-related actions such as attacking x or defending y. Furthermore, the missions should be considered concluded once the task has been carried out, not when their reward is redeemed
I tried the event. The judgment is mitigated, at least in part, by the fact that the requests and tests are not impossible and by the organization of the same in daily and fixed times.

However, the basic concept remains: the event in fact is not suitable for grepolis.

The rewards prevent the continuation by maintaining the accumulation (typical situation of the events). This eliminates the ability for players to accumulate ingredients for recipes or rewards to be redeemed at the most suitable times. In short, the event forces players to make certain choices in a hurry, penalizing the game strategy.
Moreover, the great variety of mythic units, albeit in small quantities (appreciable note), suggests that it is an event thought and considered for an advanced phase of the game, but in this case the special rewards and those of the tests would be really poor. and almost useless. In an advanced phase of the game of 6 coins of wisdom I do nothing, as well as 1000 wood, while obtaining 9 cerberi or 9 centuaries with extremely simple missions makes the rewards for small accounts with few cities unusable


Wondering if the top rewards bar refills. I'm a small player (1,700 point city) and I easily completed enough to get all the top rewards. There are still four days left on the event and was hoping those would refill or scroll to more (as in Battleships).


So I guess the rewards are for once you reach the total score.
I thought you had to have that many EP to be able to collect each of the rewards.
I also thought you would be able to get those rewards more than once if you had the EP for it.

Though there is a few more days for the event, I do see the pluses and minuses of the event.
I will reserve my final feedback for the end of the event.


Easy tasks to start with.
Event did give 10 cultural points for one task which got cultural levels and resulted in city slots.
Reduction was only 50 gold each time and rounded to my benefit if there were more than 25% left of the task.
No daily rankings; so no competition made it nice.
It was nice to use tokens earned from quests and villagers for recruitment.

The instructions could have been clearer.
There were quite a few God specific tasks, which could be completed by changing gods but then myths could be lost.
Overall rewards were only earned once the player reaches a certain level of EP and did not require the set number of EP to get.
Overall rewards could only be received once.
The gold to replace tasks did not reset.


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Thank you everyone for your feedback, we're collecting and sharing with the rest of the team :)

Just one question for @athenakazuo, could you please let us know what was unclear in the instructions? This way we can improve them :)
Thank you!


I was disappointed that as a 1K player I wasn't able to use the remaining 9K of EP on anything. I thought that maybe the reward row would scroll to more rewards. As it turned out, I just did very little the last days of the event as the tasks in the ongoing area were too advanced for me being so small.

I liked the need to strategize a little on what tasks to take on and learned to save my tutorial and island quests to satisfy some of the requirements. I did need to change gods quite a bit but that wouldn't be a problem if I'd had multiple cities. I came to the world only to play this much-anticipated (by me) event.

I didn't think the instructions were hard to understand. I did make the mistake of not hitting "start" a few times but that was a user error.

I appreciate that the Grepo Team is trying to shake things up.