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It's ridiculous. Why do you want feedback if you hide your news? Olympus revolt is a little part of the olympus news, but none community got news about this, either on the beta.

Two years for olympus revolt and you hide it? The single reason is olympus revolt is broken and you know that

PS: the news for 2022 are interesting


I wanted ask when will be the transfer accounts from Finland and others countries to En server..
we wanted to know because we Play one world 2 year and we build a world wonders and we still need 4 WW .. so we wanted to know if we still sending resources or i dont know next month u lose our all worlds and will be end , and that we dont wanted ..
then we Play 2 other worlds .. and its i dont know 150 days .. we spend a Lot of gold on that world .. so we wanted win that worlds.. and then after win all we wanted make this transfer ..


Calydonian Boar
Enough to say, wait, who was the genie in the lamp that decided to put 2 months from one event to the next? Has the company become seriously socialist? I want 100000000 gold if yes. it's all very boring, without will, without life
Last year´s event frequency was insane and exhausting, so I for my part am grateful for any reduction.

And just to remind you, in 2022 we had already 5 events (not counting Thessalonike, the Mermaid, of course): Winter Grepolympia (even if it started in December on Beta), Aegean Battleships, Mythical Hen, Tyche´s Wheel of Fortune, Summer Grepolympia (which started only one month ago, on June 20, and ended in July, with its last bonus effects running out only some days ago) - more than enough within a period of only 7 months, and thus contradicting your thesis.


Calydonian Boar
it's 4,,, the mermaid is a pity,,, I'm in favor of the reduction but I don't like this one, 2 or 3 months from one event to the next is a lot, it's an event every 10 or 14 days is very bad, the ideal and 3 or 4 weeks from the end to the beginning of another


In the live worlds there were 5 events in these 7 months, so 100 event days out of 210, 45% of the days were under event. It is a remarkable and sufficient situation, in my opinion.
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@Android303: It´s 5 - I did not count the Mermaid.

On the live worlds, in 2022 there were the following events:
  • Winter Grepolympia 2022: 18.01. - 30.01.2022
  • Aegean Battleships 2022: 01.03. - 14.03.2022
  • Mythical Hen 2022: 11.04. - 01.05.2022
  • Tyche´s Wheel of Fortune 2022: 23.05. - 06.06.2022
  • Summer Grepolympia 2022: 04.07. - 15.07.2022 (+ 2 shop days)
And it was the same on Beta, only that all events started some weeks earlier (for Beta testing, of course).
You will see that there were only 4 weeks or less between the events, regularly, and I really don´t know where you might have counted 2 to 3 months between events. The last time I have seen a gap of 2 to 3 months between events was the year 2013 (Good old times!^^).

And to remind you all: In 2021, Summer Grepolympia was not the fifth, but the seventh event this very time of the year. We had 14 events in total, with sometimes only a few event-free days in between them. I was a bit shocked when I read that you think days without event are "boring" and "without life". On the contrary, imo events have sucked a lot of "life" out of the game, with so many players now expecting to be served bonusses by the dozens/to be entertained by endless events instead of entertaining themselves in the game.

So thanks to InnoGames for (seemingly) not repeating last year´s obvious mistake.
45% of the days being event days in 2022, however, is not only "sufficient", but still an awful lot, to be honest. We might be back to the "usual" 10 events per year in 2022, and before literally drowning in events last year, we had found even that a bit too much.

The German Wiki has always been tracking the number of events per year, and taking a look on the development over the years might be interesting: