Feedback: Community Preview 2022


It's ridiculous. Why do you want feedback if you hide your news? Olympus revolt is a little part of the olympus news, but none community got news about this, either on the beta.

Two years for olympus revolt and you hide it? The single reason is olympus revolt is broken and you know that

PS: the news for 2022 are interesting


I wanted ask when will be the transfer accounts from Finland and others countries to En server..
we wanted to know because we Play one world 2 year and we build a world wonders and we still need 4 WW .. so we wanted to know if we still sending resources or i dont know next month u lose our all worlds and will be end , and that we dont wanted ..
then we Play 2 other worlds .. and its i dont know 150 days .. we spend a Lot of gold on that world .. so we wanted win that worlds.. and then after win all we wanted make this transfer ..