Feedback: Changelog 2.280


Any chance the 7 world wonders award will be awarded if a server is still open but that was accomplished?
An unannounced event running, while the announced event did not start in time...

Somebody should tell Thessalonike that we are in need of her kisses on Beta - while the Grepolis team has earned none.
Good question, I will ask :)

I guess we players won't get any announcements from Innogames this year.

This has already happened in 2017 when the Roadmap was no longer published in the forums, but the devblog remained active, which is no longer the case.
In 2019 alone there were 7 posts in the devblog, between 2020 and 2022, three years, only 6 posts.

It is a pity that InnoGames is no longer interested in a game like Grepolis

PS:I'll keep hoping I'm wrong