Awaiting feedback Charitable Festival BP calculation.

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Browser: Google Chrome

World: Zz21

Error: The Battle Point calculation is not working correctly. The amount of battle points needed for a victory parade after the spell has been cast on a city goes down in large jumps, and even goes UP.

Today, my festivals in one city went from 300 to 258 to 288 to 276 to 288. This is NOT a correct calculation for the spell. As I understand the spell, each time it is cast on an individual city, the amount of BP needed goes down by 6 points (2%); to a limit of 60 points (20%). The below chart should be the correct progression as I understand it. If I am wrong please correct me.

Base level: 300 points (-0%)
1st Spell: 294 (-2%)
2nd Spell: 288 (-4%)
3rd Spell: 282 (-6%)
4th Spell: 276 (-8%)
5th Spell: 270 (-10%)
6th Spell: 264 (-12%)
7th Spell: 258 (-14%)
8th Spell: 252 (-16%)
9th Spell: 246 (-18%)
10th Spell: 240 (-20%)

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Update: For the past few days, the spell does to still not work properly. Many times, the spell only worked for the first time. It would reduce the points down from 300 to 294. It would then reset, and when cast again, the amount would only drop to the same 294. Today, it stacked only once, and went from 300 to 288. It is now stuck on the reduction from 300 to 288.


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Hey! Thanks for sharing :)

As I understand the spell, each time it is cast on an individual city
This is not exactly how it works though. The bonus does not increase by casting the spell (Charitable Festival) multiple times.

The bonus increases for each power active in the town when you cast Charitable Festival.
If you for example have Happyness already active when you cast Charitable Festival, it is 2 powers so 4% reduction.
If when you cast Charitable Festival you have 3 other active powers, you will get 4x2% -> 8% reduction.

It is now stuck on the reduction from 300 to 288
This means that in that town you have one active spell + Charitable Festival, 2 that grants 4% reduction.

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Response to Arci:

OK, so I was WRONG about how the power stacks. It is not stacked based upon how many overall times that spell is cast on that individual city. It is based upon how many other additional spells from other gods / players that are CURRENTLY active on that specific city at the very moment I cast the spell.