Acknowledged Ares' army on an Illusion

Topolino 98

Ingame Nick: Topolino 98
Affected world(s): zz20
Reproduction steps:
  1. enact an Illusion on an enemy city;
  2. add the divine powers Ares' army;
  3. when the Illusion arrives, it does no harm.

Ares' army on Illusion2.jpg

How it should be:
I don't know:p, probably there isn't any Bug in this, but being a strange combination, i wanted to report the operation.
Technically, the description of Ares' army says that "add one Spartoi to the offensive command", and Illusion is an offensive command, but i understand that it could get too complicated and particular, so maybe it's better that it works as it does now.
One of the biggest complications would be that Illusion can also be casted during the 48h before the start of the Vacation mode, so if Ares' army on Illusion did damage, it would be possible to make "real" attacks even during the Vacation mode.
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Community Manager
Grepolis Team
Thanks for the report!

I will check with the team what the planned behaviour should be. Thanks for bringing this edge case up to attention!