Acknowledged Alliance Forum doesn't work properly

Ingame Nick: UltimateGR
Affected world(s): Sandbox16
Browser: Google Chrome
Reproduction steps:
  1. . I tried to open a new thread on forum in order to read it
  2. . Then I couldnt open it... It doesnt load(Like the notes, from the previous bug report)
  3. .
Detailed error description (What you see): It only shows me the loading icon

How it should be:


bogdy 95

Thank you, i will forward this report.
I've seen a quick/short fix. If you need to open important threads, just refresh the game and enter that thread from first try, before it stops loading.
Hope it help.

Is there any Issue with sending normal Messages too?
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When we post ...let me rephrase that when we TRY to post a report from a specific players it bugs the whole thread in the forum and nonone can open it


When i try to send a message with a report or public a report in the forum the game crashes.I try to refresh the page many times but the problem is still exist.
Browser: Google Chrome
I have the same issue on zz2 with the trhead 122945.
Looks like click on Forum.viewThread(122945) is not working on the browser edition!!

On the other hand, from the mobile app I can access the very same thread with no issues at all

I've seen a quick/short fix. If you need to open important threads, just refresh the game and enter that thread from first try, before it stops loading.
Hope it help.

Fix unable to apply as my internet connection seems to be too fast and I do not have the joy to see the forum loading....

Quite intresting when our messages-forum are bugged, when there are two operations on the opposite team...
Well because of that you just happened to notice it... it is not a conspiracy, but a matter of statistics!!!!


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now we can see module shared, but in some single topic or single private text , loop at infinite and can't open that
The problem occurs in messages, notes and in the alliance forum when they contain certain kinds of reports.

Notes: I can open the notes window on zz2, zz13 (where I have not saved anything lately), on zz15 (where I have never saved anything in the notes) - but since Tuesday I cannot open it on zz16 where I had saved reports earlier this week if I remember right.

Alliance forum: At first I was under the impression that threads containing lots of unconverted reports or spoilers containing several reports are concerned - but as I have already described in the other related thread, yesterday in the morning I created a new thread that contained a single espionage report of a ghost town. I had troubles saving it, and after it was finally created, I could not open it via browser version while alliance mates seem to have been able to open it and write in it (via app).

Messages: Later that day an alliance mate sent me an espionage report concerning another city, and I could not open his message. When he sent me the same report in a converted version (GRC), I could open his new message without any problems.

I am not sure whether espionage reports were involved in all cases (you cannot compare threads/messages/notes you can´t open^^) - but that might be a reference point for further testing.
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That's interesting, thanks!

There must be something else other than spy reports, let's keep investigating.