World won't end


Calydonian Boar
Most players have already stopped,ghosted or are in indefinite vacation mode. There is barely a positive difference in points everyday. How on earth are we going to hit the additional 20 million points? You said you couldn't change how the ww works and make it happen earlier, but it seems that it can actually be changed manually, so why are you making it harder and not easier for the world to end?


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there must be a Bug
today it should be 57 days until the second reduction

and when the time comes, you'll have to help out a bit
Before calculating the new goal, the points must be reduced as much as possible by leaving the alliance

Topolino 98

@AbstractGR Did the Target recalculation block occur 2 months ago?:-/

In any case, on the German forum just a few months ago I made a Thread explaining why the recalculation block should be abolished...

Topolino 98

I can't understand anything on your thread, could you give a brief abstract in English of its content?
Yes. I wrote that blocking (even intentionally) the recalculation of a world with a W.W. it's easy even for an alliance that is not first in the rankings. So an alliance that knows it is losing could, for example, block it out of spite, and then immediately abandon the server. In this way the first alliance would have to wait many months (maybe even more than a year) to reach the goal again (moreover it would not even be suitable for Innogames, as the server would last longer).

This is why I am of the opinion that the recalculation block should be abolished, at least in worlds with W.W..