It have change that island quest have to do with the City a. if you have at same island City b. what can do it better? At same I like to know island quest what takes 8 h. before 4h. Prices same shit. And next many likes to know why chat have removed?
Why I can't use City skins world wonders? And next why I can't get island quest there can win gold? Thank you.

Maybe you should have posted this in the section "Questions and Help" rather than as a bug report - and maybe an admin could move it to the correct section.


Once you have accepted an island quest, you can complete the quest using whatever cities you own on that island. You can even send part of the troops or resources required from city A and the rest from city B. It´s an island quest, not a city quest...^^

The frequency of the island quests will change according to certain point thresholds. The respective information in the EN wiki is outdated and has been so for years. The current thresholds are as follows:

Up to 9.999 points you will receive new island quests every two hours,
from 10.0000 to 49.999 points you will get a new one every 4 hours,
from 50.000 to 249.999 points every 8 hours,
and from 250.000 points onwards every 12 hours.

The worth of the rewards will increase with each level.


The chat has been removed due to privacy/security issues. Also, some players were not aware of the fact that everything they wrote in the world chat could be read by everybody playing on that world, not only their friends and allies.


You cannot use the WW city skin because your account has never won a WW world so far. You will notice that only players sporting a crown in their profile can use the WW city skin.


You can only win gold in some of the more advanced tutorial quests (in the upper part of the questlog). There are no gold rewards in island quests.

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