September episode of InnoGames TV.


Dear players,

In the September episode of InnoGames TV, Grepolis shows us their continuation to the Commander of Rome Event: Spartan Assassins. On their end, Elvenar reveals “guest races” for the first time ever! This new concept is something the team is currently working on and will show in the weeks to come. Afterwards, Tribal Wars 2 presents their newest feature: Tribe Skills. Lead Community Manager David and Backend Developer Hilko demonstrate the basics. Then, Lead Community Manager Thomas describes their Castle Assault Event. In addition, The West is back with Stephanie announcing the winner of the Indian Quest Competition. Last but not least (from our games), Peer introduces Forge of Empires’ upcoming event: Hero’s Tale. He explains the reason behind it, the buildings included and how it works.

Yet this month isn’t just filled with gaming news. In fact we show you footage from gamescom and an upcoming art event called Trojan Horse was a Unicorn.

Check out the September episode and give us your feedback! We’d love to hear from you!"


Your InnoGames Team