Fixed Network Error 502


I just tried accessing the profile of a Alliance, and received a blank box center of my screen , with the following error message top of the screen.

"Network Error 502.

The server is temporary unavailable"

This happens both in the Rankings and the Player profile page, when you attempt to open the Alliance profile.

EDIT: I had previously in the last hour had a screen message saying the game had been updated and i should restart my browser, which i did do using the screen link provided.
Yes, I can confirm this issue. Since today´s update alliance profiles cannot be opened, and the above mentioned error message will appear.


Thank you @Draba Aspera for your confirmation, no doubt the update is missing something, hence the problem.


Just happened while trying to apply a spell in an attack of mine. Oppened the commands, clicked on one attack and a pop up window blanc with an inscription above carrying the same message
(attack spoiler alert, please hermes do not read this now LOL)



UPDATE for you all. 08.00 hrs
Game is currently being updated
The game server is currently down for maintenance. We will be right back. Please do not refresh your browser, otherwise you will be logged out of this world. We will let you know when the update is done.

Thank you for your patience.
It now appears to be corrected, restart your browsers and you should now find you can access Alliance profiles.
Thank you Game masters for correcting things..