Monthly Feature Voting



Monthly Feature Voting
Dear community,

For us it is very important that we tailor the game to your liking. It is your game as much as it’s ours! In respect of that we implemented a new feature with our last game update: the Monthly Feature Voting.


With help of this tool players will be able to vote for their favorite features by rating them, and ultimately, determine the feature we will implement first in our next game updates.

Community votes have another constructive aspect attached to them, because we will also be able to filter ideas or concepts that get rated very low, which then allows us to open discussions on our forums and start a dialogue about the feature in question. This way we can assure that everybody fully understands the feature and we can also make sure that we tailor this feature more towards your liking.

At the end of the day, the monthly feature voting is a little tool that will immensely help you to show us what the best improvement for Grepolis is in the short run. Monthly feature polls will appear frequently directly in the game, so players get easy access to it. The first feature voting will start next week. We are looking forward to getting you directly in our development process!

Best regards,
Your Grepolis Team