Island Quests improvement feedback


Please tell us as much as you can about your impressions on rebalancing and improving Island Quests.
For beginners (Sandbox) it is not possible, to pay in the requested resources.

It will be fine to fix it on the size of the warehouse and on the speed:pro:


1600 wood
2000 rock
600 silver for 2h Accelerated Recruiting? On a world which was open yesterday is very much.... :(
Oh dear!
I started new on the world sandbox. But every Island-Quest I received, its
1. to expensive for beginners
2. reduces rock/ wood/ silver productions
3. reduced loyalty from the farming village

All this three things, I can not accept, if I have only one city

and now I have to wait for the changing of the island quest for about 24 hours, or so?
Thats for beginners much to much:unhappy:

It will be fine, to change it, for beginners <3 towns, middle up to 10 town and professionals/ late game more than 10 towns

On the other hand, I hate it, that nowhere there is a calculation of the speed of the world. In a speed 4 world, it's very easy, to pay the high ressources debits, but in a speed 1 world, it need's much more time, to put it together.
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Sandbox has a game speed value of 5, therefore the island quests are more difficult. :)
I see! A special joke, made by yourself!
A city - and only one city on this island - with exactly 1.108 points have to defend 92 Units. Guys - no problem, I'm superman.

On the other hand, same time, you can see it on the red cross, I have to defend another Island-Quest

Thank you so much :pro: