Help with providing screen shots. Too technical for me!


It maybe that I've missed the instructions on how to do it or it is basic knowledge BUT it would be helpful to me (and others I suspect) to know how to provide screen shots when asked to do so by Support or on the Bug forum.

I have tried to put a link to a word document I have created to Support but it doesn't seem to work for them. Can step instructions on how to provide a screen shots be provided please? I have tried the "insert image" and "Link" but it doesn't seem to work for me. :unhappy:
Have a look downstairs and there at attachement but it is not possible to upload a Word file only pdf or so and a txt File will bei possible too
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Who does not know the problem? One might
sometimes fast his desktop - or someone
Then of cutting of it - take a photo, around it
send to a friend or around it quickly
in a forum to posten! The complicated way:

Via "Druck" key the Screenshot is done,
afterwards the right cutting becomes in "Paint"
cutting and at last somewhere
laboriously on a dubious Hosting page
upload around it then as a link to posten …

YouScreen takes all this work from one!
One begins the program, presses them
"Druck" key and promptly the desktop is photographed, on the YouScreen server hochgeladen and
the direct link indicated. One can work on Optional the picture also before the Upload, speak him
high-loading more cutting limit, or on it arrows and text mark. One can do Desweiteren
with the option „ Only on hard disk store “ the Upload suppress and the picture quite simply store.
The program runs without installation (and without leaving tracks on the PC), must be only begun.

And the most great: The program can become here free of charge downloadi

Yourscreen :wink:

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I have tried to put a link to a word document I have created to Support but it doesn't seem to work for them.
Sometimes when you copy and paste links, it may happen, that you copy not a full link, but only its shorten version. For example:
the link you have added on the forum looks like:
but redirects to

If you select the link!149&authkey=!AFcI-vQQQ8kA0Lk&v=3 and then copy and paste it, you will paste only this:
which is not a valid address.