Grepolis 2.0 Heroworlds


Your regular server forums should be providing these updates, but here's another 2.0 preview.

Hello Players an Forum Goers,

Grepolis 2.0 is coming closer every day, and we have yet another game feature to quench your thirst for the coming update. Last time we presented Hades the ruler of the underworld. Now we will inform you about Hero worlds, and hopefully answer most of the important World Wonder question.

Before we can tell you where you are going, it is important to explain where you have been. You started your city and slowly constructed your buildings. A messenger was sent to another city to ask him for an alliance. Soon you built troops and started raiding the nearby villages. You researched advanced technologies to get the edge on your opponent. Time passed, and you and your alliance have fought your way to the top. Threatening enemies are slowly surrounding you. But where do you go from here? The dawn of the hero worlds has come! Hero worlds will give the players a chance to play in a new world with custom settings, once they have battled for dominance in the current worlds.

The key to unlock the passage to the Hero Worlds lies within building the World Wonders. With each World Wonder you build, your alliance will receive special bonuses. Every World Wonder can only be built once. There are special prerequisites every alliance must fulfill before a world wonder can even begin construction (do not expect to see a WW in the first month of 2.0). The goal of every alliance is to build 4 of the 7 World Wonders! Once your alliance builds 4 world wonders the game ends, if it is a world that started after 2.0, and everyone on that world ascends to the Hero World. Worlds that already existed before the update, for example Alpha, will not end for now. Instead they will continue, allowing players to play in the Hero World as well. We can not guarantee that those worlds will be open forever. Your whole alliance can move to the new world without inviting each other again. Proven warriors from other worlds may also join a Hero World if they have enough game points. But what exactly are the differences between the current worlds (warrior worlds), and the new Hero Worlds?

We want Hero Worlds to start with a bang! Therefore all players will start with multiple cities instead of just one. Also the player will have more resources and troops. Other game play differences are listed below:
• The villages produce more resources
• The recruitment time of units has been reduced
• Your Warehouse will be able to hold more resources
• Your farm will be able to support more troops
• You will keep some of your research
• new units will be available
• New divine powers will be available

The Hero World settings will provide the stage for a fast and aggressive game play! We are very excited about this new feature and hope that old and new players will enjoy it alike. Gain experience in your current world, and put it to use in the advanced Hero Worlds!