Feedback: Thessalonike the mermaid - and Beta in general

Last year, we had an announcement for the Valentine event - but it was not activated in time.
This year, we did not even get the announcement, let alone Thessalonike´s kisses...

Furthermore, the next event was announced on the live markets days ago. On Beta: Nothing.
New worlds featuring the current building levels and Gods, i.e. the current state of the game, as a prerequisite for proper testing? Nothing.

However - does it really matter any longer?

For more than 2 years now the live markets have been getting the changelogs days before they were posted in the Beta forum where they regularly arrive 2 to 3 weeks late anyway. That´s an absurdity of its own, and - of course - a genuine forum and feedback killer. Who will post his/her feedback (and bugs) here when the changelog information provided here is already outdated on arrival?

There have not been any in-game announcements for years on Beta, not even on important matters.

I have been a dedicated Beta player since 2013, I have seen ups and (many more) downs in the administration of this forum and of Beta in general. However, I really doubt that it can get worse and more neglected than it is now. Shame on you, InnoGames!


Community Manager
Grepolis Team
I've asked to get changelogs in advance but unfortunately, it doesn't seem possible at the moment.

Speaking of the events you're also right, the recent changes in the inhouse team caused some delays but things are slowly getting back on track, a new workflow for events has been established these days and the next event should be communicated with the right timings. I hope.

I'm also pushing for a new world, which seems to be delayed for the aforementioned reasons. It will arrive soon™

Thank you.