Feedback: Sandbox 24 - Olympus World - Revolt

Since (again) there is no official reply:

zz24 has been won and is in peace time. The world will be closed at the end of this week in accordance with the regular closing procedure for Olympus worlds.

As zz23 (rebalanced WW world) also will go into peace time in September and be closed at the beginning of October, I would expect that one or two new Beta worlds will be started this fall. I don´t know whether it is wise to start a new Olympus revolt world before that "ironing out" of the reported issues is done, but maybe InnoGames has other thoughts...


Hello people,

Just wanted to ask if anyone knows what the next event will be, since we are a bit late in the yearly rotation. Will it be Sparta vs Hades (with the map where you fight) or a totally new event?

Thanks for your replies