Acknowledged Farming villages - wrong rate

Player: Mim le Fay
World: ZZ18
Device: Browser only (as far as I know)

If a farming villages is after a trade on it's cool down to it's old rate it shows wrong rates. I have made printscreens for you, but the difference can also be much higher. You have to wait a few hours after your dealing with the village, it does not happen immediately.

Farming Village wrong rate.JPG
Farming Village wrong rate2.JPG


der Fehler ist uralt
weiß nicht ob er zwischendurch mal weg war
der Wert steigt solange bis man aktualisiert
gehandelt wird aber richtig

the mistake is ancient
do not know if he was gone in between
the value increases until you update
but action is taken correctly
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That's possible, but I get a stomach pain if I see something like this.
If I deal for the printed rate with one of my money market dealer then this rate are fixed, and could not override with a not agreed and confirmed rate.
So this has to patched and every explanation are redundant, because agreed price is agreed price and there is no room for deviations.