Christmas Wheel


The x-mas wheel sucks, i use gold for a spin and get a lousy award.. Just give us an option to straight up buy resources, troops and ships. you would make a ton more money by doing this. It is very frustrating to spend a lot of money on this game just to have two non premium users take your city when your at work and cant log on. How about this give the premium uses the a option to purchase some kind of invisibility spell that last 24 hours or something like that.. there should just be a premium section where we can purchase whatever we need. We all know that this is a pay to win game, I keep loosing cities on other servers because there arent enough things for me to buy to survive. If something doesn't change i'm gonna quit playing.:unhappy:


All the holiday events are mainly designed for gold users to spend extra gold.

But I agree, almost every game I've ever played that has a pay option, has a dedicated 'shop' to be able to buy things to help you (that you can't get for free in the game). I'd like to be able to buy troop or ship spells on a regular basis.