Acknowledged Battle point are not updated in UI

With todays update, batle points aren't updated in ui. You have to press F5 and than everything is fine. There is no difference if it is a island question or a attack

As I have no time just know, I will write later on more informations.


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Hey Mim, yes please when you have some more time let us know some more details.

I just did a quick test and everything was updated correctly.
OK, I can confirm the bug, because I have try it on ZZ19 as well, after deleting cookies and so on...

World: ZZ18 & ZZ19
Mim le Fay
  1. Check your battle points in the UI --> 327 for me
  2. attack somebody where you know that there are a few units - I do a few divign signs
  3. send an attack
  4. wait
  5. after attack, the battle points in the UI won't be adjusted,
  6. so you have to put F5 or load the page again
  7. the battle points in the UI are adjusted --> 339 in my case
It's the same on ZZ18 and with quest's as well, UI won't be updated in time
Attack points doesn't updated.JPG

Attack points doesn't updated2.JPG

Attack points doesn't updated3.JPG
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And even before that, the number of battle points stated in the tooltips of active Divine, Land and Naval Strategy icons (under the city name) was only updating after F5 or by reloading the page.

Such synchronization/update problems in the UI might be influenced/triggered by events (when numerous powers/effects are active in the cities - some players even reported that their browsers were freezing at times, or other UI displays did not work or update properly when they had many effects active in their cities).
but this one appeared after the daily update; so the event shouldn*t not trigger this bug

I guess, the bug was triggered by this:

  • It is now possible to pause attack notification on a set time, from the game settings!
i just noticed that in the premiun overview, the victory procession are no longer selectable after finished the procession before, although there are still battle points that can be celebrated
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As you can see in the image, i have 754 points from the attack but the the Avaiable buttle points are 87, after refresh, i take the corret points



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Thank you for the bug report! Devs are now aware of the issue :)