Awaiting feedback Attack planner - times are wrong

I guess, there are missing the 15 minutes starting time - I do not the englisch word for this. On German it s the "Rüstzeit".

Could you check, I will later on come back with print screens
The time from attack planner are correct, but the time from the attack window are wrong. In the overview erevything is like in the attack planner.

Thats very confusing
You have to sent it and then you see, thats the time is very wrong. About 12 MInutes earlier

Thats a very big bug, really!


Beta Team
Grepolis Team
Hello again,
here's what I did:
  1. Opened attack planner
  2. Added a new plan for a city
  3. My CS travel time is 17:21 (mm:ss) which showed correctly in the planner
  4. I switched to the Attacks tab in the Attack planner feature
  5. Arrival is today at 19:00:00, departure today at 18:48:39 (so the cs time is correct)
  6. I sent the attack and got 17:29 (+8 because of anti-timer)
Did I miss some step, @Mim le Fay? :)
Wrong is the time on the attack window, after opening it from the attack planner. See by yourself

In this case it is 7 minutes later, and you can't not organize a correct timing, with such wrong times.
That's ZZ18!

By the way, it is only wrong, if you started it from the start note, in the right corner, if you do a cklick without it, everything is fine.
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