Not a Bug/Cannot reproduce Artifact missing on zz23

Ingame Nick: Draba Aspera
Affected world(s): zz23
Browser: FF, Chrome
Reproduction steps:
  1. . Open your own profile and see the artifacts you own displayed there
  2. . Open the tab "Artifacts" of the temple and find that the "Golden Fleece" is missing there,.
  3. .
Detailed error description (What you see):

How it should be:



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As I told you before: My eyes are tired at the moment... 8-)

I would have expected horizontal scrolling, though, similar to the Large Temple window - as we know three artifacts can be displayed in a row and that´s what we were used to., The vertical scroll bar makes no sense to me in this window. You see less than you could at first sight, and you must scroll more than necessary (and in an unexpected direction). Or to put it differently: That´s certainly not the solution I would have chosen for this window....