Allow multiple command window instances to be open


Can we allow multiple command windows to be open rather than the new one replacing the old one?

This commonly is an issue for players who aren't aware how the windows work (eg. when interacting with incoming Temple commands).

They would:

1. Open temple window
2. Open window for an incoming command
3. Click back on the temple window (command window gets hidden behind it)
4. Attempt to open a window for a new incoming command
5. Not realise the new command has been opened in the window hidden behind the temple window and think something's broken as it isn't appearing.


It's as simple as changing the function AttackCommandWindowFactory.openAttackCommandWindow to:

AttackCommandWindowFactory.openAttackCommandWindow = function(title, command_id) {return GPWindowMgr.Create(GPWindowMgr.TYPE_ATK_COMMAND, title, {}, command_id)}