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world has good speed i cant complain at all i did suggest mainly a speed of 4 or 5 and you guys delivered its a shame am gonna get bloody conquered tomorrow lol oh well put me somewere safe when i restart lol
I tried to start on first day too, but I hadn't much time to play and i was conquered too :p

I know your feelings eheh

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thought i would say hello, and see if anybody answered

so this turned to be a very short term world especially as sandbox 2 is still doing fantastic after 4 years running we need another beta server like sandbox 2 its proven to be very popular and you guys want to test your products so why not give the beta community what they want guys
its the perfect balance of the world not being to fast and not being to slow and the 5 citys on starting the world keeps you involved in the game if you lose a city also no morale and nb disabled makes it a lot more fun although i would have no problems if you did have nb and morale enabled as you cant have everythink lol sandbox 2 has been running for nearly 4 years and still has very active players and also small players who join the world also enjoy the experience sandbox 2 has just under 800 players i think that very much speaks for itself really and i also i presume the reason sandbox 2 is still open is becauce theres so many active players here and its good for players and game creators as you get good feedback from us players testing your products anyway thats not just my opinion i speak for many players who dearly love sandbox 2 server its the best beta world you have ever created8-);):):D


i agree with clownface have fun on sandbox2 i tried sandbox7 found it damn too slow to grow towns for players who lose half of their towns , its a real handicap and create a big hole between big allys and smallers, also i really dislike morale and nb, for some reasons, morale incite some players to stand by (not growing too much to stay not being attacked) also i think night bonus incite players to cheat and let no chance to counter sieges , all activity is at 23hours, all sieges are launched at 23:59:59 and ends up before end of nb that's pretty boring frustrating and stressful at the same time , mostly because players come from around the world and are not active at the same time , zz2 is best balanced , maybe little faster for building units should be great but it's not bad like this

This opinion is binding only me, I do not claim to speak on behalf of all players
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amazing settings on new revolt server which your bringing us next week starting with 5 citys is basically a great xmas gift to us loyal players who love the beta community and hoping sandbox 8 will be a long term world like sandbox and sandbox 2:D:manticore:


Looks like someone has finally perceived the people's opinion. I will probably start Sandbox 8 as I am by now done with Sandbox 5.