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    Acknowledged Cannot attack

    Since the game refresh minutes ago the LS attacks ‘hangs’ if you press attack button.
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    Fixed Sirens do not change travel time

    It’s not
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    Unconfirmed Siren + Atalanta

    The combination of Light Ships, Sirens and hero Atalanta executes not a cumulative increased speed compared to the ETA setting up the attack.
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    Fixed Peace time does not work as intended

    In the announcement message received peace time starts 31st 18:00 and when you click to forum it says 31st 12:00. what is correct ?
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    Acknowledged Still IOS issues ?

    Bandits camp error on iPhone app.
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    Acknowledged Still IOS issues ?

    To add to this, I tried safari, chrome and Firefox. With all same results, no pop ups clicking on academy options etc.
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    Acknowledged Still IOS issues ?

    Hi, It has been 2-3 years since I played, but it seems the IOS Safari on iPad still does not work properly ? If you click for instance Academy options text does not appear. And more. Also Chrome comes back with Download app for free, both mobile and desktop version on iPad. Are these still...
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    Update 2.96 feedback thread

    Wow, it seems performance is a hell of a lot better !!!
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    Update 2.78 feedback thread the culture overview the city festival button to run all does not work on iPad ... Now I have to hit 300 separate buttons. Working on mobile browser.
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    Persian Conquest vs Halloween

    For my understanding, now we got the Democritus' Cauldron ... is this the Halloween Event ?
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    Halloween event

    In the announcement of the 6th the Halloween Event was announced to start the day after (7th). Just now we have started with the 8th. Any idea when the event will start ?
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    Persian Conquest vs Halloween

    Hunting pumpkins ?
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    Persian Conquest vs Halloween

    Got the announcement again at 20:44 and it's gone again...still having doubts ? Haha Halloween event must be really exciting to kick out the Persian Conquest...curious to find out tomorrow !
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    Culture point vs founding city

    Before sending cs in order to found city you need to have enough cp (slot). After landing the slot is still open. You also have to wait 12 hours before city has been founded. What if the slot is filled within those 12 hours with conquering another city. Will the foundation be cancelled?
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    iOS APP Update

    Problem seems to be solved since yesterday.