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    Feedback: Browser Changelog 2.233

    A bug? Is this a joke? A key strategy used by experienced players over years and you remove it like this with no precedent??? What next - is the anti-timer a bug too?
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    Feedback: Anti-Spam attack prevention

    Yeah, no worries at all since it doesn't affect my server. Thank you, Italian players for being the first sacrifice. If enough people quit your servers, you can rest in peace knowing it wasn't in vain.
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    Allow multiple command window instances to be open

    Can we allow multiple command windows to be open rather than the new one replacing the old one? This commonly is an issue for players who aren't aware how the windows work (eg. when interacting with incoming Temple commands). They would: 1. Open temple window 2. Open window for an incoming...
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    Unconfirmed Small screens for browser, temple commands covers switch city arrow

    For Olympus worlds, on smaller screens (or if window isn't maximized), tool_bar_activities covers the left arrow to switch towns. It is not possible to click.
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    Olympus = all god

    Suggestion: Make Olympus all gods instead of no god. Reason: No point building DEF myths for endgame... If all gods could support Olympus that may diversify strategies. Balance: The Curse is already decent balance I think.
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    temple names

    This happens for Small and Large Temple names too
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    Feedback: Brower Changelog 2.229

    I may have miswritten something, but no, my suggestion is intended to be designed so there's no way alarms would be missed still. I don't see how what you've said would happen. You receive notifications on the cumulated attacks over the 30 seconds at the end of it, of course, not at the start...
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    Feedback: Brower Changelog 2.229

    Can we consider delaying the app attack notification by 30 seconds in addition to the recent changes. After the 1st attack, any attacks from the same city to the same city for the next 30 seconds are counted together and pushed into 1 notification: 'city_name is being attacked by player_name (X...
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    Feedback: Brower Changelog 2.229

    The alarm features are very nice. Could I also suggest an option not to get a notification when attacking yourself. And a 'test alarm' button in settings (both browser and app) as a substitute. Then you don't need to have it going off when sniping or dodging, but still can test alarm.
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    Feedback: Browser Changelog 2.227

    Can this be expanded further - how has this bug been fixed?
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    Feedback: Anti-Spam attack prevention

    Doesn't work, you can spam from the atk planner (and it's probably more efficient to do so).
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    Feedback: Anti-Spam attack prevention

    This makes no sense. Why would you block the player from attacking for 2 hrs? What is the purpose of that? You might as well just prevent the 12th attack from being attempted --- no one is going to conduct that 12th attack under this system unless it's an accident. An accident from timing will...
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    Feedback: Aphrodite

    Honestly yeah --- watching how additions to the game have been recently developed, I think the Dev team needs to run ideas through experienced players before implementing them. Have not been impressed with the ideas/updates being implemented into the game --- they appear to lack insight into...
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    Feedback: Aphrodite

    Even at a base speed of 7.33, Sirens are still too strong. You're still adding a ton of anchors to all non-myth OFF cities regardless. At a ridiculously high speed, Satyr will still see less usage than flyers (but at least it will be used very early game and on red islands unlike other land myths).
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    Feedback: Aphrodite

    All current Unit Speeds are integers speed 1, so it looks like those are base values. But yes, that would make the Satyr very fast... It also feels like those are very low Temple requirements... an element of balance can be brought back with say Temple 30 Harbor 30 for Siren along with a...