XS servers...


What type of beta servers are those new xs ???

And as i can see the gorum they have is....

Any chance those are the hidden servers used fot test production prior beta..... any by sccidcnt were revealdd?? In which case... is this a bug?? (so i shall create the a proper bug report......)


It's indeed an internal test server and should not be visible :)
Is there any way to sign in to those server in the aim to make test aswell?

I'am looking into a lot of aspect of the game, making test is quite hard if I have to developp everything one-by-one

Could be easier to detect bugs or get some game knowledge to share if some good players would get access to those and not only Staff Member who do not play the game quite often..


Community Manager
Grepolis Team
You can use the public beta to do all the tests you want :)

That other server is not for finding bugs on the game you would normally report here on the forum but it's a completely different thing.