World Wonders - End Game Conditions


Beta Team
Grepolis Team
I'd like to discuss one thing that many players don't agree with. I will be really glad if I can see some feedback from @Arci or someone in Grepolis Team.

So as we may know, conditions for closing a world wonders world is build all 7 wonders and number of active players < 300. Now, a lot of players (including me) are really unhappy with the player condition. While domination worlds need just Domination victors, World Wonders need this maximum amount of players active. Did Grepolis Team think about deleting the players condition? Because of it a lot of worlds continue to exist for months and players are really annoyed to play it. Of course you can start a discussion like "They can just quit or ghost." but not everyone likes to do that - you'd say they think of it as betraying their alliance.

Wouldn't be better to close World Wonders world after 7/7 is built (just like in Domination worlds)? A lot of player would be happy about it as there is no sense in keeping it open until there's less than 300 active players.



Good Idea is a copy "end game conditions" from Domination
if one of alliance finish build 7 wonders - start time clicking to protect them by +/- 1 month ( for discuss how long should be )
after keep 7 wonders to end of "protect time" start pace time 1-2 weeks and server end
if they lost any of wonders time stop clicking to again get conditions 7 wonders by one alliance

this solution give also more "life" for Wonders servers in time of Wonders age

the <300 users limit can be also keeped as safetly trigger if on server noone from alliance build all 7 wonders ..