World 3 will be reset March 10


The Product Manager, the developers, the moderating staff and I would like to thank every player who has helped test Grepolis 2.0. As many of you know, it's been a wild few months since 2.0 first appeared in World 3, with bugs and setbacks causing the postponement of the launch of 2.0 in the other servers.

But the finish line is in sight and we're ready for the next stage of testing. And in order to do this, World 3 needs to be reset. Every player gets to start over again. Which is rather exciting when you think about it. Plus it will be reset at speed 4, which should bring back some of you for whom speed 25 was far too fast.

The world will be brand new and each of you will be able to test the first phase of Grepolis 2.0. You will then be asked to participate in an online survey created specifically so that the PM and the developers can view your opinions of this major update.

So there you have it: World 3, the 2.0 test world, is scheduled to be reset in the morning of March 10. After this reset, this world will be speed 4.