Words of an alliance leader


Sorry if this isn´t the proper place to post this thread, but I would just like to share this so that I can know what does who think about this and so that others can see how rude and arrogant can a player be.

Here is the whole document:

PALTHAZAR on 12/04/18 at 22:16
Please Do not Delete Your Account..I Can't Log in On Skype Since Last One Mont or more then That otherwise I had Told you about that ...
you know that..I am The Only One who Contact you at skype for Log in In Account to avoid Inactivity...
There Will Be Long list of SOS cities..And You can Take them In Future...If You can Stay in The Game...

PALTHAZAR on 12/04/18 at 22:26
Author has written the following:
I Can't Log in On Skype Since Last One Month or more then That otherwise I had Told you about that

Coz I am At Another Country For My Job from Last Month..And This Small town Cafe Doesn't Have All Applications like Skype or any other...

Anael on 12/04/18 at 23:47
Ok, but who will return our 12 cityes now? Where is the point of playing the game anymore?

PALTHAZAR on 12/04/19 at 07:03
In this PM I have told you There will Be More Sos Cities coming and you can Filled your City Slot Again...

Anael on 12/04/19 at 09:59
Sorry Palthazar, but we don´t want other cityes, we will get OUR cityes back, one by one, even thoug we will have to attack our allies. We understand that you were offline from skype, but still don´t understand why hasn´t anyone, anyone from the alliance sent a message, all that we got was that we lost our cityes with no notification or anything. Sorry, but we are getting our cityes back, not others.

PALTHAZAR on 12/04/19 at 10:08
I can Give Back what I have conquered From You, If any body else want to give back your Cities it is fine, But I Do not understand that why you being so rude..to get those cities you can attack our ally.. this is not Done Sister...Take back your cities if others wanted to give back, But Do not Attempt Any Attack session on ally who is not wanted to give back your cities...
They all are following Alliance Rule, they do not have any Personal Dispute with you, but if you attack them then it will became there personal issue...so please understand....
I want you by My Side as a friend Not an enemy...
You can send your CS on My Cities Directly coz cities are empty
004, 005, 006

Anael on 12/04/19 at 10:34
Do you know what hapend with other cityes that are not on the sos claim list? Like Sobek, Atum, Osiris, Maat, Luxor, Sekhmet and others?

PALTHAZAR on 12/04/19 at 10:37
I can't remember them By Names...But so of the cities are taken By Yomiko and PROPANVM....

PALTHAZAR on 12/04/22 at 07:11
So you are Giving your Cities to Divines...Ok...Now I understand Why You send My Trip wires Back...

PALTHAZAR on 12/04/22 at 07:26
You are the Biggest Double Crosser I have ever seen...Ok Do whatever You Want..Give All the Cities to Enemy and Get The Hell out of here...you Traitor....

Anael on 12/04/22 at 07:54
Sorry Palthazar, bu you are the traitor, cause you started attacking out cityes, we were glad to be with you in the alliance, Traitor.

PALTHAZAR on 12/04/22 at 07:58

Get out Kid...

Anael on 12/04/22 at 07:59

My mum is 50 years old, is she a kid too? Lol

PALTHAZAR on 12/04/22 at 08:32
So Tell me, Is this Your Decision or Your Mum's to give those Cities to Enemy...??
If this is your Mum's Decision Then your Mum is Also Traitor...

Anael on 12/04/22 at 08:36
yep lol enjoy, next time don´t attack your allies for new cityes, didn´t you had enough of Egy´s cityes, you also had to attack our cityes?

PALTHAZAR on 12/04/22 at 08:37
No. 04 (author) is attacking your support from The Bronce IG.. in No. 03 (Anael) on 12/04/22 at 08:36
Great Work Traitors Bravo...

Anael on 12/04/22 at 08:43
see ya lol :D

PALTHAZAR on 12/04/22 at 08:45
You are saying you are mother is Also Traitor...Now that is No Use...
Now I know that This Kind Of Betrayed thing Comes from Where..it is in Your Blood Line...
Have You not know the Rules Of Alliance...?? Every body has Real Life Issue...Real Life Problems... But no One Cry For that... Except You...Just F*** ***... And Do what you want....I will Personally Make sure that those City Will be Ours Again...

Anael on 12/04/22 at 08:55
First lets explain the word Traitor:
The first thing that yous houldn´t do an alliance is to attack ally cityes, the leader usualy needs to be with a red mak, then attack. You have posted the therad about conquering our cityes, and the first one who started the attacks.
Second, Egy´s cityes: we were keeping his account active as much as we could and in the end shared his cityes to you, but only with his agreement.
And third, but not the least: As for the cityes, good luck :)
As for the Blood line, you are the big Traitor, casue of your greed for new cityes you have lost the ally cityes on your islands, enjoy in what you did.
Traitor is a hard word, but it looks like you know what it means, and caliming us that we are traitors, that was our decision, our cityes our rights to do with them what we want :)

PALTHAZAR on 12/04/22 at 09:01

To Hell with Your Explanation...I was Ready to Give Your Cities Back...
And First thing first I do not put your Cities on SOS...
Now A** h*** Don't waist My time and Shut the F*** **...

Anael on 12/04/22 at 09:08

then who was it? It says that only the leader can post a thread about SOS cityes

These are messages from an alliance leader to which we really trusted and gave him 20 cityes of a player who doesn´t play in World 3 anymore cause we don´t know what hapend to him or is he still alive, his name is Egyscorpion.
He had almost 40 cityes, we shared with him half of his cityes, casue we couldn´t keep his account anymore, and now when he has 229 cityes, it´s not enough for him. After he took Egyscorpion´s cityes, he came to take ours too, we were inactive for a few days cause of some real life issues, but our icon in the alliance was still orange, and then he choosed to attack and conquer our cityes.