Update on our statement regarding the war in Ukraine


Community Manager
Grepolis Team
The Russian invasion of Ukraine is causing suffering for a lot of people. The Russian Army is attacking people’s homes, critical infrastructure and killing many civilians.
InnoGames is clearly against this war. We have colleagues from both Ukraine & Russia working for InnoGames and we all want this war to be stopped. While the hometowns of our Ukrainian colleagues are being attacked, we are already seeing refugees reaching Germany and we’re doing our best to support them, for example with free meals in our canteen. Also, as a call for peace we will set a clear statement banner in our forums.
We decided not to block our players from Russia from our games. We rather want to set a clear statement against this war. But we might be blocked by the Russian government at one point. That’s why we recommend you to sort out a VPN, if you wish to continue playing our games from Russia in the future.
Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine, affected by this war. Let’s all be kind with them and support them with everything we can! And let’s do everything in our power to stop this horrible war!