Acknowledged Tutorial Quests: Building Levels

Ingame Nick: Draba Aspera
Affected world(s): zz13/all worlds
Browser: FF
Reproduction steps:
  1. . Have an open tutorial quest demanding the upgrade of a certain building to a certain level
  2. . Conquer a city where the building has already reached the level required
  3. . The quest will now allow you to collect the reward while the quest´s progress bar remains as it was before
Detailed error description (What you see):

I had the tutorial quest "A Sacred Place" - "Upgrade the temple to level 20" still open in my quest log, when I conquered a city where the temple was on level 21. The progress bar remained on its old status (16/20) - which is somehow correct, since I had not upgraded any temple to level 20 - but a green checkmark appeared and I could collect the reward.

How it should be:
  1. The quest text says "Upgrade the temple to level 20" - thus you should either have to upgrade the temple to level 20 in order to complete the quest (instead of conquering one that had been upgraded by another player^^), or the text should be changed to "Have a temple level 20 in your account" (which would include conquered temples).
  2. Either way - if you can complete quests of that type via "conquered" building levels, they should also be counted in the progress bar, and the status should change to 20/20 in this case.
In short: Is it intended that quests of this type can be completed via conquest instead of upgrade? If so, the text should be changed accordingly, and the progress bar should count the conquered building levels as well. If not, the green checkmark should not appear and you should not be able to collect the reward.


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Community Manager
Grepolis Team
I'll let you know soon if that's intended/how the intended behaviour should be :)


Community Manager
Grepolis Team
The progressbar should reach the max, as the quest is completed.