Acknowledged Spinning wheel + flashing background in command overview


Ingame Nick: morg
Affected world(s): general / more worlds
Browser: desktop version (chrome / firefox)
Reproduction steps: open troops overview
Detailed error description (What you see):
spinning wheel appears and flashing background if command overview is open
other game functions work, you can switch windows, but when you return to command overview the problem is the same, only way to get rid of it is realoading the game
this happens too often, without movements, any logical reason...
more players complain about the same
How it should be:
spinning wheel should disappear, no flashing background
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I have had that problem a few times. It made backsnipes impossible at some point or it was even impossible to time attacks sometimes, wich abviously led to a lot of frustration on my side.


Hey guys! :)

I can switch the windows normally. Can you try disabling any 3rd party user scripts and clean cache/cookies of the browser?